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Name: Orochimaru
Status: Student
History & Bio:
Orochimaru is a prodigy. In fact, he's the sort of teenager that should already have a degree, and probably would, actually, if all the college testing credits he'd amassed had been put toward anything. Instead, he's just sitting on them, sixteen and apparently content to transfer in to the less than prestigious Ninja High mid school year just so he could talk to the ex-sensei that seemed dead set on avoiding him. He hadn't, after all, meant to chase her off completely!

Still, he was never seen anywhere without one of his pet snakes, or an outfit with some kind of stitching to that end, and he easily vanished into the eclectic mix of new students due to his youthful appearance. He just wished the teachers would stop fussing at him. This was why he'd avoided public school most of his life, after all. People just didn't understand how brilliant he was! He didn't need to study. Or really bother with tests. Or get any school credits even! He didn't need any of that, and no one seemed to appreciate that.

Or that he was a BOY. The... makeup, long hair, and girlish attire didn't make him a girl. It just made him stylish. Yes. Forever.

He was perfect, and he knew it. He was also maybe a bit too friendly, but that didn't mean anything! He just had to be outgoing to prove he didn't think he was better than the masses who weren't smart enough to do what he could. That's all. He had to give them some kind of advantage. Right?


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